"Resign yourself, Catherine! Shops must be visited! Money must be spent! Do you think you could bear it?" - Northanger Abbey

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Upcycling a Jumper

So I've been working on a few cosplay's lately and an element of one is a jumper with holes in. But I didn't want to cut holes in a perfectly good jumper. My solution sequins.
I bought a cheap £6 Primark jumper. Just plain black.
I then followed the instructions from American Duchess blog on how to make a retro jumper. To get my basic and more flattering shape. Then I started sewing on sequins.
I'm quite pleased with the result.

Sunday, November 1, 2015

MCM Comicon London - October 2015 (Saturday)

Another comicon report. I'd been working on a Historical/Steampunk Ariel cosplay....well it started off steampunk but turned out more HA.
 First off the accessories. Green ribbon and gold shell necklace. Red wig styled with plaits...
 Trident made from a broom handle, craftfoam and cardboard.
Tiara - modified a cheap one with craft foam, shells and pearls.

The bodice was made from truly victorian pattern, the skirt was a S&S pattern I heavily modified, and my apron was draped from scratch.

 I popped over to the Crankrats stall (a steampunk comic book). Always interested in whats new and have a chat with Katherine the author.

 Then more steampunk had a brows round the steapunk area...there was a distinct star wars theme this year.
 Found these great steampunk cosplayers.
 Then headed to the Disney photoshoot. Met up with Whatsername's cosplay. The disney photoshoot was huge. Lots of other Ariel's including this brilliant one.
There were some HA Frozen characters.
1830's I belive.

Oh no! King Triton got zapped by Ursula.
Also met up with these ladies who I had been corresponding with about HA disney. It was lots of fun but I was sooo tired and my feet were throbbing by about halfway through the day. I think I need a cosplay with built in seat or at least one I can sit on the floor in. lol! I didn't buy anything this time, well except for food and drink.

Sunday, September 6, 2015

HSF 2015 - Challenge #9 - Brown

What the item is: tudor/elizabeathan coif

The Challenge: #9 Brown

Fabric: Printed cotton

Pattern: Tudor Tailor pattern for coif 1, Patterns of fashion for coif 2

Year: 16th century

Notions: Ribbon, wire (yes really)

How historically accurate is it? the shape and order of construction is historical. some of the materials aren't BUT these are just a first attempt and a stopgap. I hope to make some in linen in the future.

Hours to complete: 1 could have been less. Surprisingly quick to do.

First worn: Today to test out fit and see how forehead cloth worked with it.

Total cost: Practically nothing as all from my stash. (used a fat quarter for both coifs)

Friday, August 7, 2015

Ariel goes Victorian!

So I know I've been a bit quiet lately but I've had two projects to complete. I thought I would give you a taster of my cosplay for mcm london. Historically accurate disney is the theme so I chose Ariel. Already started a steampunk ariel then I found a group doing HA disney and well...I had to go for that, very me. It only took a few modifications to go from steampunk to victorian, 1870's to be exact.
my original steampunk design
I swapped the goggles for a tiara. Made from a cheap toy crown, craft foam, shells, beads and spray paint.
Then instead of a net apron draped overskirt made a green one to represent the fins and ruffles for seaweed.
I tweaked my green skirt adding a pocket slit. A slight oversight I'd made when I first made it.
 I also made some shell shoe clips to temporarily decorate my shoes.

Added some ruffles to the sleeves, made a shell necklace and ta da! All I need now is to make a trident, which will be last minute so I don't have to store it for too long.

Saturday, August 1, 2015

HSF 2015 - Challenge #7 - Accessorize

The Challenge: #7 Accessorize
Fabric: 'silk' and lining scraps
Pattern: N/A
Year: 1869
Notions: Bias binding, thread, interfacing.
How historically accurate is it? This was inspired by the glasses case posted on the HSF FB page from godeys. I took a few liberties with the design so its close enough for me.
Hours to complete: About 2 hours max. I stopped for tea and lost track of time.
First worn: Today for pics.
Total cost: It was all from my stash so cost me nothing. In fact the fabric was from an old bridesmaid dress.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Shrink plastic broaches!

So I saw 'dawns dress diary' post about shrink plastic jewellry. And I just had to have a go. They were selling small packs of shrinkles sheets for pocket money prices so...I bought myself a pack of the frosted style and some broach backs.
Above was its original size about 15 cm tall. Then I popped it in the oven along with two other ones.
 I superglued the broach pins on the back
Quite pleased with the results. Much lighter than using polymer clay.
Here you can see it pinned onto my femme 6th doctor cosplay.

Monday, June 8, 2015

HSF 2015 - Challenge #6 - Out of your comfort zone

What the item is (and why it was out of your comfort zone): Its a housedress/apron. Its out of my comfort zone because I have not had sucess with wrapover dresses or tops. I've stayed away from them as I could never adjust them to fit. But now my fitting skills have improved decided to go for it.

The Challenge: #6 Out of your comfort zone

Fabric: Floral print cotton

Pattern: McCalls 6959

Year: 1940's (and could even work for early 50's)

Notions: Bias binding, thread.

How historically accurate is it? I based it off the period images I found on pinterest and the sewing patterns of the day.

Hours to complete: Well I sorta lost track, stopping and starting. Took me ages to get the fit right but once that was done it was fairly quick to sew up.

First worn: Today for pics.

Total cost: It was all from my stash so cost me nothing but the fabric was probably around the £5 per metre mark.

 I started with a modern pattern that was close enough to what I wanted. Then I took the narrow skirted view, left off the collar and flared out the skirt into an A-line shape.
I slash and spread the bodice pattern widthwise, and added a little length to the bottom of the bodice.

I used some yellow bias binding from my stash for the ties...but now I think I should have used some self bias fabric. I did change my mind halfway though as I was going to use the yellow to bind the arms and front of the apron but it looked a bit....tacky.
 I even had enough fabric left to make a matching headscarf.